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Who makes these seats?
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alex Blondeau. By day, I am a mild mannered former-graphic-designer-turned-theologian (I'm currently working on my PhD. at Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul). By night, I churn out custom seats while listening to loud music and screaming power tools. My wife and I have two kids, a boy named Adrian, and a girl named Brynn. They are incredible in almost every conceivable way.

I have always been fascinated with motorcycles. I have been riding since I was fifteen. After 6 years of lusting I purchased my Road Star in March of 04. Life will never be the same! It has provided me with hours upon hours of tinkering and fiddling, not to mention the riding! I started to feel like I purchased a transformer! I was constantly changing parts out, looking for the best looking combination. Strangely, the times I seemed the most satisfied was when I had it stripped down to wash. It looked so low without that fat stock seat. I would often ride it around seatless for a while wishing I could just leave it that way!

I decided there was only one solution, I'd have to get a new seat. The only problem was the seat I wanted didn't exsist. Never to be one to let something's lack of existence stop me, I made my own. Not to brag, but it turned out better than I could have ever expected!

Encouraged by my success, I decided if I can make one I can make a hundred! From my time spent on the various Road Star forums, I knew that this is something that people were looking for. Hence, the beginnings of Dragger Custom Seats. That was back in 2006, and we've been going strong ever since!<back to top>

What makes Dragger Seats different?
The Dragger solo seat is the only custom seat for the Road Star designed so slim that it exposes the entire frame (or horn) usually hidden under the seat. In my quest to design an extremely low and streamlined custom seat, it became quite clear that trying to hide the horn forced you to add a substantial amount of bulk to the seat. By leaving the sub-frame exposed I was able to design a seat that is truly unified with the construction of this bike.

Dragger seats are 100% handmade. I start with a jug of polyester resin, some fiberglass batting, foam and some miscellaneous metal parts. Out of those raw materials I personally craft each seat. It doesn't get any more custom than that folks. Every seat I make is one of a kind! Each seat is outfitted with reinforced mounting bracket locations and an adjustable front latch to customize how tightly you want your seat to fit.

I partner with an extremely accomplished upholsterer named August Preusser (30+yrs experience). He handles all the covering work. The bulk of his business is redoing the interiors of classic cars. This guy is AMAZING! <back to top>

How do you get these seats so low?
The Dragger solo seat is designed to be as low as possible while still allowing for a comfortable ride. The only thing you will need to keep in mind is that the helmet holding hook on the left side under the seat needs to be removed. This modification allows me to mold the pan to every contour of the seating area, thus creating the lowest possible seating position. <back to top>

Why don't you cover the "horn"?
The horn is the part of the frame that holds your rear fender on. Every other seat manufacturer that I know of seeks to hide this piece of hardware. The result is a much larger seat.

This leaves the issue of what to do about those ugly bolts connecting the horn to the fender frame. I'd say that's an opportunity for some chrome! I offer a package containing a threaded rod and two big'ol chrome acorn nuts and washers. Click here to have a look. <back to top>

What are Dragger seats Made of?
Seat Pan:
Hand laid fiberglass.

High-density rebond foam. The foam I use also has a percentage of memory foam mixed in. This gives the best balance of softness for comfort and stiffness for support.

Standard is a high-quality black vinyl. However, other covering options are available. (See the custom options section)
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How are Dragger Seats on long trips?
First of all let me say that I never intended Dragger seats to be made for touring. I was looking to honor the aesthetics of the bike not the comfort of my butt. That said, the feedback I've been getting so far is positive. Check out the feedback section to see what others have to say.

My experience has been that some people can ride for hours and hours on my seats (so far, the record is 12 hrs straight) and some people can't. Most people find the lower seating position combined with the lumbar support the back of my seats provides to make for a really nice ride. I haven't used any other seat for the last two years. I'd never go back! <back to top>

Do Dragger Seats use the standard mounting points?
Yep. The Dragger Solo Seat uses the same mounting points as your stock seat. The only difference is that the Dragger Seat comes with an adjustible front latch that gives you the opportunity to adjust how tightly you want the front of the seat to fit your bike.
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