Ben, Camarillo, CA
Thanks Alex for the great seat! You make the best solo seats I've ever owned for my road star. I wasted so much money buying different seats for my ride, I wish I would have known about your seats years ago. I'm so impressed. Thanks again brother. <back to top>

Ron, GA
Hi Alex, Wanted to say I love my seat! The low profile allows my short self to flat foot it with some knee bend to spare on my Roadstar. I had considered lowering the bike but didn't want to affect the suspension. The lower seat was the answer! I got the Painfully Low and I find it very comfortable. I ride my bike every day now. I'm sending a pic of the awesome seat! You did an amazing job with the custom flame insert in silver leather. Everywhere I go people ask about it; it also gives the bike a custom look. Thanks again! <back to top>

Mike, NJ
No they [the Painfully Low Seat] aren't comfortable lol. But they're bad ass as all hell. I swap mine for a thicker seat for the longer runs. <back to top>

Conleith, VA
I have over 5k on my painfully low and it still looks and feels as good as day one. Alex does great work and is easy to work with! His seats sit so low and they really change the feel of the ride. Perhaps it's the lower center of gravity or just the fact that its so narrow compared to stock. Either way, if you want a great product that's streamlined, look no further! <back to top>

Ted, NY
I've had the seat for over a year. Great looks are second only to the comfort! This seat gives my bike a real custom look, also seems to be a little lower. I would highly recommend it! <back to top>

Josh, KS
I've had my seat a little over a year now; it was a great custom addition to my bike. I've got some serious ass time in my seat and the comfort is as good as the looks. Thanks Alex for this amazing seat I get so many complements on it. <back to top>

Tim, WA
After a few months I finally put the dragger seat on my 2000 Road Star mm. The bike has been out of commision untill this afternoon, thats what took me so long, but boy let me tell ya, if your lookin' for the nicest seat available, look no further than Dragger. Absolute perfect fit and finish. Totally gives the bike a custom look!!!!!! THANK YOU ALEX FOR YOUR EXCELLENT WORK! I'll post some pics as soon as she gets the rest of her new chrome and a good bath. <back to top>

Rob, AL
Alex, thank you for the absolutely wonderful and quick response to my order! Got the seat, put it on, and hit the road. WOW!!! reviews from one and all (you might be getting another order pretty soon). It's low and beautiful, man - perfect for a bobber! <back to top>

Tim, WI
Alex, got my new seat today. I work nights so I get up about 2 in the afternoon. I was so excited I put the seat on before I even made any coffee. Had it on in less than 15 min., and that includes cutting the helmet hook off. It looks great, exactly what I wanted, and the quality is impeccable. I can't wait to start logging some miles. Thanks again. <back to top>

Quentin, KS
I would just like to say that these seats are truly amazing in looks and quality and if anybody out there is considering buying one they are for sure worth the money. And Alex is a wonderful guy to deal with, he is patient as well as timely when dealing with his customers.

A job well done Alex. <back to top>

Chez, NV
Wow. What a great seat! I get plenty of compliments! <back to top>

Randy, AL
Alex builds a top of the line product! He worked with me in every detail, as I was still in the painting stages. Still getting used to the "stiff" ride, but this was for looks first, not comfort! still... its not unreasonable. Highly recommend! Great work Alex. <back to top>

Brett, Australia
Alex is the man! This seat is a beautiful addition to my bike. I cant say enough about how good and easy it is to deal with Alex. I am half-way around the world and had less problems with Alex than some companies in my own back yard. Thanks again Alex. <back to top>

Hey Alex,
The seat looks great and is on the bike! I think it looks fantastic and is well-constructed and so do both of my boys and my wife, so kudos to you! I will definitely avail myself of your services in the future if needed and I will not hesitate to recommend Dragger Custom Seats to any Road Star owners I may encounter. You're friendliness, patience, and service have been a welcome change to most of the crap I encounter out there!

Good luck and best wishes,
Chris <back to top>

John, VA
I just wanted to say thanks for my seat. I received it about a year ago and have gotten nothing but compliments on it since. It really sets off the lines of the factory sheet metal on the Roadie, and I even like the ride better than the fat seat I pulled off. <back to top>

Harry, NC
Hi Alex! Just wanted to send you a few pics to post on the website to show how awesome your seats make a Yamaha Roadstar look. I got home from Iraq and slapped that seat on my purple Roadie and brother let me tell you, I got so many compliments on how mean and low and strong that seat makes the bike look. It's alot more comfortable than it looks as well. Thanks for making such an awesome seat and may you keep making them.
Thanks for everything,

A proud Dragger Custom Seat Owner, Harry Campbell <back to top>

Pierre, Montreal Canada
I got back from Texas this weekend and the seat was waiting for me. All I can say is WOW! I love it! Its beautiful and fits perfectly on my bike. I put it on as soon as I opened the box, and I am still in awe. Beautiful! <back to top>

Tom, Quebec Canada
I just recieved my dragger seat. OUTSTANDING QUALITY!!!!. Looks like i bought a piece of art. even more important, Alex is a heck of a guy to deal with. Thank you for everything Alex. <back to top>

T.J., TX
Just got my seat about a half-hour ago and already have it on and test run. This seat is not only the baddest looking seat anywhere, but it gives you such a low center of gravity that you feel just inches off the ground! The look of the seat is completely custom (fits like glove!) and the feel is exactly what I was looking for. Easiest thing I have ever installed on my bike. Rock on Alex! <back to top>

Wees, Holland
Last year I bought the Painfully Low Seat. This summer I went to Sweden (from Holland) for two weeks. The seat didn't give me any trouble. (that is, not more than any other seat would give after 500km a day) All I can say is: it looks great and it rides fantastic! <back to top>

Jason, MI
Mine's the green bike and everything Alex says about his seats is right... and everyone that sees the bike flips out for this seat... I got pulled over on the road by a guy who wanted to know where to get one and I also had to have Alex send more cards to me. I ran out at the first biker show I went to (about 20 cards) <back to top>

Jeremy, UT
I got home from work tonight and found my new seats had arrived. All I can say they are sick. The build quality is amazing, and they fit perfectly, I couldn't ask for better. I can't wait to take the bike out for a run tomorrow to see how the ride is. Thanks so much for building a quality product that guys like me look for, what few other people have. <back to top>

Jim, N.CA
My custom seat (black leather, raised Viking profile, studs) arrived the night before a 6-week vacation. I broke off the helmet hook, inserted the new seat, locked it into place with the palm of by hand and sat on it. “how great” (bike was on side stand, chained, pad locked, battery out, half covered) No ride! Had to get up at 3 a.m. for flight to Maui. Now 8-weeks later and 500 miles on my “new seat” I love it! Low to the ground, studs to match bags, I’m very proud of my new seat. I have a stock seat available! No turning back for me. I’m 5’11” 170 lbs. The stock seat made my hip joints soar, but no more. <back to top>

Dan, IL
I withheld my comments until I had ample opportunity to test the seat. I must say I am very pleased. The quality is excellent and the look is the best I've seen anywhere. There may be more comfortable seats, but the Dragger provides the best combination of looks and comfort available, period. <back to top>

Sam, OH
This seat is absolutely awesome!!! You do great work man! I've spent the afternoon riding around town to show it off to some of my riding buddies and at a few shops around here to let them know that there are alternatives to some of the bigger companies. They were all impressed! <back to top>

Joe, CA
I went with the standard seat with black leather and white stitching. I cannot say enough about this seat. Simply fab. Great look. Great fit. Great feel. A bit of a change initially, but after a few minutes, the feel is insane. The install was easy. The fit was better then expected. The seat immediately changed the look of the bike. The attention it gets is mind boggling. Being lower to the ground is awesome. The quality is top notch and the material is high end. My longest run with this seat has been about 50 miles and no pain whatsoever. (can not say that about the stock seat.) A must for any Road Star owner in the market for this style.

Thank You, Dragger Seats. <back to top>

Chris, CA
Just wanted to tell you how KICK #$% your seats are. Got the painfully low and LOVE it. Get a lot of compliments on it as well. Anyone contemplating getting a "low" seat should definitely talk to Alex. His product is top bull. <back to top>

Scott, NJ
What more can I add? Only that Alex is a great guy and that the seat is TOTALLY high Quality. It really gets the bike noticed and sets it apart from all others. <back to top>

Brook, GA
I am very impressed with the craftsmanship that Alex puts forth into his seats. It shows in every aspect of the seat, from the one off seat and latch pieces to the box that the seat is shipped in, everything is A ++++! I mean the box has the Dragger logo on it! The seat even has a Dragger card posted in a slip underneath the seat pan with a felt type bottom!

I went for my first ride since receiving my seat ended up about 2 1/2 hours away at a block party for bikes and people were crowding to look at the seat! One older gentleman wanted to buy it on the spot, but I had to respectfully decline. The seat is just to good to let go.

Anyway, for all of ya’ll out there reading these feedbacks and contemplating on buying one of these Seats, Don’t be cheap and think you can replicate one yourself with your own stock seat pan or however you think you might make one. You would be hard pressed to match the quality of a Dragger Seat! Thanks for the seat Alex. <back to top>

Ron, WV
After riding the seat to work the past couple days I gotta say "I LOVE THIS THING!" The seating position is lower than anything I've tried to date. Makes the double-Ts even more comfortable. Been getting compliments on it from my fellow workers/bikers too. Thanks for your excellent service and product! Will use for years to come.
<back to top>

Rich, MO
I like it! Not only does it change the feel of the bike for the better, it looks great. Alex is easy to work with and does quality workmanship!
<back to top>

Ben, WI
I have been to rallies and searched the internet for the last 3 years and have not found a low riding design like this...its a one-of-a-kind for the Roadstar! <back to top>

Paul, NY
I highly suggest considering a dragger seat. They look great and Alex is a great guy to work with. <back to top>

Neil, MN
I'm waaaay impressed. I've seen all the customs out there, and you truly have left the others behind with a totally innovative design. I have my scooter pretty much set up as an old man cruiser, ( I'm old ) so I'm probably not going to purchase one... but I really like the design so well, I might just consider one for toolin' round town with. <back to top>